The Program 6 DAYS Treeking in Ziz valley

In this 6 days you will have the opportunity to :

  1. Explore the different things, the biggest valley in Morocco with itsrivers, canalsin Addition to irrigation, agriculture, palm trees andit’sKasbahs and ksours.
  1. Explorethe amazing largest desert with wide hammadas and Ergs.
  1. Experience the camel treks into Erg Chebbisand dunes, spend the night under the nomad’s tents.


  • Each day you will walk for six hours.
  • Along the Trip you will spend the night in the Ruralguest houses or camps.

Day 1

If you spend the day exploring the village of Ziz, you will get to experience something of the way of life in the space of the first day, So you will Walk along the ziz valley and Through Bekiaa, Gaouez...

Day 2

showing day-long adventure will show you around the region of Ziz. You will spend the day with the friendly locals & Continue walk along Ziz valley and through the villages, ouled chaker, Ksar jdid, lgara, takheyamet, zrigat, overnight and dinner...

Day 3

Ziz is something of a starting point for many of the treks into the High of middle Atlas and therefore it represents a good opportunity to see where a longer expedition would take you to begin a tour After breakfast...

Day 4

A trip to the Ziz will provide you with just in one day out and journey through the countryside of the region. So to lowing breakfast, you depart to haroun via Arfoud ,ouled Zahra,mezguida,rissani ereas,amarbouh ,overnight in the old ksar...

Day 5

You will get to explore some of the best forests with your Guides and visit some local, Quasbah and Part of desert. Accrossing the desert with its desertique plateau, hammads, Erg chebbis and dunes overnight in Merzouga.

Day 6

The last day of excursion is a wonderful way to see lives lived out in the ancient landscapes of the Southern Atlas territories; it makes You to benefits with every moments So Exploring around Merzouga, khemlia village, fossiles and back...

What we can offer to our visitors ?!

We also offer a cooking in residents of regions for the various visitors, because they like all Moroccan traditions such as Food, cultures, designs, look at the different piece and great view to spend all moment in morocco very well. Also it’s an occasion to live Moroccan lifestyle and make some change in their life. We are proud to devise our culture and relationship to provide for the essential requirements.

We can also offer a house at Merzouga !

And finally there is a home over there to enjoy it and benefit to the most nice and best privates moments. Living some days in this house that we offer you gives more desire too loved the wonderful comfortable and good recreational in Morocco and it Presents you all kind of wonderful things, because  it  is less expensive but extremely and full comfortable, So With your booking, you become a valuable partner in this performance.