I love to travel, and no journey will be as enjoyable as the one we’ve taken from our origins as Moroccan Sahara region in the past to our present position as this adventure I’m a guide and I’m the responsible of all this activities, so I can Say that I achieve my “self-made” because I have a Baccalaureate and I worked in a “travel agency” I began with no Packet, with an empty suitcase, but full only of dreams.

By the way my name is “Tata” and I’m from Morocco I grew up in Sahara, specially “Village Jramna” Just 30Km from Erachidiya. I began my really discovers until I was Young, when I took off to home on my own tour based in the high Atlas for the summer. From that point forward I have been a bit “travel-obsessed” and have never been able to stay home for long. So I would like to share a lot of points and experiences to show to everyone who I am.

I’m now 43 years old, I’m married and a full time travel blogger. I do a bit of a travel agency work on the side, but I can travel from anywhere in my region.  I choose places that are going to provide adventure and adrenaline, and if they might not be known for that–I seek it out. So I do Agriculture and Ranching, and Sale of a natural materials & bio Product.

Duo to my love for the region and culture, I had choice but not change my origin region, escaping the hardships of a 10 year long for doing job with travel agency. Today, I calls everyone to came here and live a week in a paradise with a desire, curiosity, Clean and own self competences.

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